Dear You- I have a huge favor. Right this very second, I need you to take your thumb and your index finger, reach over to your other arm, pull up your shirt sleeve, find some skin, and then on the count of 3, we are all together going to pinch the fire out of ourselves. Ready? 1…. 2…. 3…. Welp. We are all still here. NOPE. This isn’t a dream. Instead, this is a dream life. Ok. Ok. Before you stop reading—I promise I'm not trying to Motivational Speaker you to death, I just figured you might benefit from the reality check that someone unintentionally gave me recently. Some days I let the seemingly mundane scream a little bit louder than everything else, allowing myself to believe the lie that my life is far from a dream life. Seriously…is this it? You know the mundane I'm talking about…. the early mornings, the making school lunches (ugg), the "yes you can have another piece of tape to hang up your artwork directly on the playroom wall" , the laundry, the exhaustion, the toddler tantrums, the spilled goldfish (again), the dishes, the occasional sassy mouthing five year old, the cleaning of the playroom, and then the cleaning of the playroom again, the ever changing husbands schedule, the never matching socks, the piles of laundry I have every intention of folding but never actually get folded, the kids and too much screen time, the mom guilt that follows, the healthy food that expires in the fridge because I ordered Uber eats one to many times this week, the dirty floors, the unpainted toe nails, you get it... I could go on and on and on. The reality is this though….if you are living and breathing and have the ability to read this post, then YOU ARE LIVING YOUR DREAM LIFE. Kids or no kids. Husband or no husband. Dream job or no dream job. Painted nails or not. This is your dream life. Period. Is it problem free? NOPE. Is it perfect. NOPE. But at what point, did we start looking around and looking down and looking at ALL (I use that term lightly) the areas we are lacking in and ignore all the areas in which we have abundance? When did counting our problems instead of our blessings become our default? There doesn’t always have to be more….always have to be something else…. always have to be some carrot we have to be chasing. Breath and Health are enough. See my reality check came a few weeks back at a Number 1 party I was attending for a song my husband had produced. The fact that I can even write that in a sentence SCREAMS Dream Life, but yet I literally was dreading going. It was cold. It was rainy. It was downtown. I had to pay for parking. #IdontUberAlone It didn't start until 8 PM. (The fact that I wrote that makes me laugh as I realize how old I am and how far removed I am from a millennial schedule). Blah Blah. Blah. The sitter arrived and I wasn’t even ready. I put on an outfit I didn’t really even like. On my mad dash out the door, I stopped to kiss my son goodbye and somehow poked him in the eye. I apologized profusely and tried to calm him down as much as possible before heading out, but knew if i didn’t get a move on it I’d miss the whole event. So, me and my somewhat terrible attitude in a somewhat but not really cute outfit left a somewhat sleeping toddler and a somewhat consoled 5 year old to head to go watch my husband get an award. I arrived to crazy downtown Nashville. Paid $20 to park. Walked in the rain and freezing temps two blocks to Broadway, stepped inside the extremely loud venue filed with a million people WAY to excited about an Open Bar. I walked to the side of the stage and my skin seriously begin to crawl. Mostly because I had realized I had lost one of my earrings, which was seriously the only redeeming portion of my outfit. I thought to myself “can we please just get this ceremony going so I can get back to the house and go to bed since I'll be up before the sun comes up with a toddler who loves herself some early mornings.” I went to look for my husband so I could go complain to him, because DUH all of this was his fault. The ceremony started. He gets on stage with the artist, and the songwriters. They get plaques, and then more plaques. They make speeches. I count down the minutes. And then it happened. Someone in the industry walks over to me with stars in her eyes and excitement on her face and says…… “Do you ever just have to pinch yourself that this is happening? I’m just so happy for you both.” W.H.O.A. I hadn’t had a drink, but somehow I sobered up quite a bit in that moment. I know she hasn’t thought twice about what she said, but boy have I. I took a deep breath, I let the tension fall out of my shoulders, I replaced the scowl on my face with a smile, ( I took my other earring out), and I watched the rest of the night with a completely different perspective. Sometimes that is all we need. So….I’ll ask you the same thing today mama, friend, stranger……… “Do you ever pinch yourself that this is happening? That this is the life that YOU AND ONLY YOU EVER IN THE HISTORY OF EVER get to live? I'm just so happy for you. Way to go YOU. Live it Up. All of it. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. You got this!" Now go out and live that #dreamlife….it’s there. Right in front of you. Just like it has been all along.

If you need me, Ill just be over here counting all my blessings in this dream life of mine, and who knows...maybe just maybe if I keep my head out of my you-know-what long enough, I might just find that missing earring.